WANDERERS striker Jermaine Beckford says he considered retirement after a severe ear infection left him unable to get out of bed.

The striker, who is playing on loan for Preston North End, was bed-ridden from late January to late February after picking up a mysterious illness.

Beckford claims that his condition got so bad he considered ending his career altogether – but is now back in the game, scoring goals for Simon Grayson’s side in their chase for promotion to the Championship.

“I couldn't move," said Beckford in an interview with BBC Radio Lancashire. “I was laying down in bed and any time I tried to sit up I would pretty much lose consciousness and pass out.

“I had contemplated calling the management and saying 'I don't know if I'll be able to carry on'.

“I would get dizzy, throw up, that sort of thing - it was brutal, a really, really tough time.

“After the third week I'd seen no improvement and I thought 'well after three weeks nothing has got better - I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to call it a day soon'.

“I think the first time I sat up was maybe about 24 or 25 days into it.

“I felt sick and almost passed out, but I realised you're not going to get anywhere unless you push yourself and, fortunately, a week and a half later I was up on my feet.”

Beckford made 51 appearances for Wanderers and scored 11 goals before being loaned out to Deepdale in November.