SPORTS Shield’s takeover at Wanderers drew a little closer last night after Eddie Davies agreed to relinquish some of the financial demands he had placed on the sale of the club.

Legal work is being completed on a deal that could convince the Football League to pass Dean Holdsworth’s consortium and allow them to assume control of the club before Monday’s High Court hearing.

The league had voiced serious concerns about future bonuses owed to the Isle of Man-based businessman which were linked to television and sponsorship money earned in the Championship or Premier League over the next five years.

Davies kept in £15million of debt to facilitate the payments but it has emerged this mornning that some of that total will be removed, and the league is now more satisfied that they can clear the bid.

Every effort will be made to rubber-stamp the takeover by close of business today but the league has made no promises.

Wanderers have made preparations for administration in the event that Sports Shield’s bid is rejected but also have two other options on Monday.

Wanderers’ legal team could seek another adjournment to allow more time for the league to ratify the takeover, although that could be a risky strategy considering they have already been allowed two stays of execution by the court.

The club could also pay all or part of the tax bill with cash garnered from their asset sales in the last few months. That strategy would also hinge on the club being completely sure Sports Shield would be granted permission to press ahead by the league.