ENGLAND’S failed Euro 2016 stars sulked home from France a couple of weeks early and were straight on the phone to their travel agent to book a fortnight in some Caribbean island hideaway.

By comparison, Wanderers’ representative of the only England team to achieve anything this summer – the Under-21s – found himself in a £5-a-night hostel in Thailand.

Rob Holding didn’t fancy Ibiza, apparently. He went all adventurous after helping Gareth Southgate’s side to victory over the hosts France and decided to go globetrotting with his mates in Asia.

It certainly knocks my week at Skegness Butlins into a cocked hat.

This training camp has been anything but a holiday for Holding and the rest of the squad. It really has been a case of sleep, eat, train and repeat.

Phil Parkinson laid down the ground rules very early and said there would be fines for anyone who turns up late for meals, fails to wear the correct uniform or breaks the curfew.

The fine jar remains empty, I am told, which can only be a good thing.

But a little bird tells me photographer Paul Currie was lucky to escape putting his hand in his pocket after sneaking into dinner two minutes late on Thursday night.

It has been disciplined but do not mistake that for draconian. I genuinely sense the lads feel they needed some direction after what was a horrendous 12 months and so a clean slate is welcome for all.

My attempts to go native went up a notch at breakfast as I tucked into a traditional Scandinavian meal of shrimp, gravlax and pickled herring. Tomorrow I will revert back to cornflakes.

The most prevalent snack around here is the Korv – a slim hotdog which seems to be sold at every shop imaginable.

It comes in a rock hard roll with just enough mustard to ensure you ruin the shirt you intended to wear back home to Manchester, just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, it’s game day today and I’ll be heading to Helsingor to sample its delights.

Tune in for the final diary on Monday!