KEN Anderson insists he has not backed Dean Holdsworth into a corner over his shareholding.

The Wanderers chairman – who will face the fans tonight in a special Q&A session at the Macron Stadium – launched an impassioned defence of his position via his programme notes before last night’s home clash against Gillingham.

Anderson had agreed a deal in principle to buy Holdsworth’s 40 per cent stake in the club, only for paperwork to emerge late in the day which forced him to step away.

The issue at the heart of the matter was that BluMarble, the senior debt holder who supplied a £5million loan to Holdsworth’s Sports Shield company to help purchase the club in March, were attempting to register a debenture on the company itself, and consequently had stronger security over the shares. Negotiations have continued but are yet to reach a conclusion. Holdsworth issued a statement on Friday outlining his disappointment at the state of affairs, calling for an end to ‘boardroom headlines’ but with Anderson set to face fans tonight, that appears unlikely.

“There seems to be a great deal of media speculation and radio interviews taking place at the moment where the comments being aired are very wide of the mark,” said Anderson in his pre-match notes.

“I find it very disappointing that people who should know better are making speculative and misinformed comments and allegations.

“At no time have I ever given Dean Holdsworth an ultimatum that unless he sells me his shares, that I would put the club and associated businesses into administration. What I actually asked Dean was if he would fund the business going forward pro rata to our shareholdings with me, but unfortunately he declined to do so.

“I am fully aware that there is a great deal of other information that you would like to know now, including an update on the late filing of the accounts, the transfer embargo and my personal background, which I aim to be able to share with you all at the Q&A meeting tomorrow evening.

“I hope to see as many of you there as possible.”