BEN Alnwick admits his heart sank when Northampton’s Jon-Joe O’Toole turned in a 95th minute ‘equaliser’ at the Macron on Saturday.

For one brief second, the euphoria inside the Macron was consigned to 800 travelling fans behind the goal. But then, linesman Billy Khatib came to the rescue by raising his offside flag and cutting the celebrations stone dead.

“I thought about running over and giving him a hug,” laughed the Wanderers keeper. “It’s just that little bit of luck which if you’re at the other end of the table maybe goes against you.

“I do think he was a couple of yards off but to see the flag go up was the best feeling ever.”

After four-goal hauls against Fleetwood and Gillingham, this was anything but a comfortable win for Wanderers.

“The gaffer said before the game that we can’t have it all our own way every game, we had to win that one a different way,” Alnwick admitted.

“Northampton were hard to break down, came here with a game-plan, and at one stage I wondered if it was going to go in for us.

“The lads are plugging in for each other. We are not looking at other teams, we’re doing it our way. There are no games where you think ‘OK, I’ll take a draw there,’ we are looking to win every one.

“That attitude is showing out there on the pitch and we’re getting the points.”

Alnwick was impressed with the atmosphere generated around the Macron and believes the backing is bringing the best out of some of his team-mates.

“Alfie is super confident and you can see he’s getting the goals now.

“He’s kicking on, a typical striker, he’s greedy and all he wants is to score. I love that.

“Him and Fil you can sense in the ground when they are on the ball that things pep up a bit.

“The fans have made such a massive difference – I know there weren’t loads there at Gillingham but the backing we get is incredible at places like that.

“Players like that have led by example and I feel now like everyone round the football club are on the same page.

“I think they know we’re giving everything we have got to get promotion.

“But when you go 1-0 down and look up at people singing, cheering and willing you on, I don’t think people understand what that does to you.

“They deserved us to go and get that win.”