KEN Anderson hopes for a swift resolution to financial issues at Wanderers after claiming he has made an offer to repay an outstanding loan of more than £5million.

The Whites chairman claims he is in negotiation with finance company BluMarble to clear an overdue £5m debt, plus interest, owed by Sports Shield BWFC, which was taken out during the takeover last March.

A winding-up petition issued by BluMarble was adjourned in court earlier this week to enable further talks.

Settling the loan has proved a complex obstacle for Wanderers, who will be unable to come out of transfer embargo until the debt is cleared and this year’s financial accounts are filed.

Anderson claims his company, Inner Circle Investments Ltd, has made an offer which is currently under consideration. If it is accepted, the Switzerland-based businessman will be able to press ahead with his plans to bring aboard investment and present a business plan to the EFL in an effort to lift the transfer restrictions.

If he fails to do so before the case is reconvened on June 12, it is possible Sports Shield could be put into liquidation and BluMarble could be given authority to sell off the shares .

Anderson currently claims to own 57.5 per cent of the shares in Wanderers, with Holdsworth’s company owning 37.5 per cent - though those figures have been disputed.

A 47.5 split is listed at Companies House – but a club spokesman confirmed to The Bolton News yesterday the figures will change when accounts are filed on May 31.

Anderson also confirmed a 30 per cent chunk of Sport Shield’s shares were purchased by ICI in March. An agreement to transfer complete control of the company was announced by Wanderers in March – but it has since emerged the deal broke down.

“Inner Circle Investments recently acquired circa 30 per cent of Sports Shield with a view to assisting in resolving their current issues with BluMarble,” Anderson said. “As it currently stands, BluMarble do not own any shares in the club and it is Sport Shield I am negotiating with on the shares. ICI have made an offer to BluMarble to repay the Sports Shield loan. This offer is currently being considered.”