KEN Anderson has confirmed it was Wanderers’ decision to part company with head of finance Shaun McHugh.

The Whites chairman has clarified the details of McHugh’s departure, which made him the third member of staff in that position to leave the Macron in the last 12 months.

“It was our decision not to continue his employment at the end of his probationary period,” he wrote on the official website. “We all wish Shaun the best in his future employment and are thankful for the work he did whilst with us.”

Anderson maintains a good relationship continues with Anthony Massey and John Pelling, the previous two financial directors.

“The facts are that Anthony Massey, who was in position prior to the takeover, made it clear at the time of Dean and I acquiring the club that he would be resigning,” he said.

“Anthony stayed on for longer than his period of notice and as far as I am aware, he left on good terms. Indeed, he has been of assistance to us on a number of matters and attended a number of matches last season.

“We were all very disappointed when John Pelling left but his reasons for doing so were completely understandable, in that he left to join a Premier League club with the obvious benefits and it also being closer to home.

Again, John left on very good terms and is in regular contact with the club and has helped us out on a number of issues.”