THIS week’s delve into The Bolton News picture archives has unearthed a photograph of Daisy Hill Under-16s from May 1989.

The caption accompanying the old snap says the team came close to going through the season with a 100-per-cent record, dropping their only point of the campaign in the penultimate game against rivals Westhoughton Rangers.

Did you play for the team or do you recognise anyone in the line-up?

Do you have any memories of that game? Email with any recollections.

THE second picture was published in the nostalgia section in The Bolton News on January 25 and features the Egerton County Primary School six-a-side football team from May 1989.

Chris Preston got in touch and said: "I am second left in the picture. The other players are Paul Ackers, Dylan Jones, Craig Edmondson, Dominic Higgins, Gareth Hastie, Lloyd Brough and Paul Higginbottom.

"I can tell you about the team and how we came to be so good and it was mainly down to our manager – a good man and ex-professional footballer, Alan Bowman.

"It all started at the beginning of the summer holidays in 1989 when myself and some of the other lads saw an advert in the Evening News advertising a five-a-side North West football tournament to be played over three weeks at Leverhulme Park and the final to be staged in front of the Town Hall in Bolton.

"The added bonus was that the final was to be watched by Wanderers manager Phil Neal, with him presenting the winners with the trophy.

"The tournament was called the Reebok 5’s. We were 10 years old at the time and highly excited at the prospect of getting a team together and lifting the trophy.

"We were all decent players but we needed a manager. It was decided that none of our dads would make the grade but we knew of a man who was an ex-pro at the top of our street who would be perfect and the decision had been made.

"I can remember us all nervously knocking on to tell him the good news. Alan agreed to take us under his wing and become our manager for the Reebok 5’s.

"And so the 'Bolton Bombers' were formed. Alan started off by getting us fit, really fit.

"The first few days of training entailed hill runs, sprints and more hill runs. With not a football in sight we were beginning to doubt our choice of manager.

"After a few days he took us onto the pitch and showed us how he wanted us to play. It was all one-touch football and pass and move.

"When the tournament came up we were more than ready.

"The Bolton bombers progressed through the tournament over the next two weeks.

"We made it to the final, having scored more than 100 goals and conceding none, and won the final 2-1.

"We were presented with the cup by Phil Neal – it really was the best day.

"On our return to school the lads in the picture 'The Bolton Bombers' had decided our superstar manager Alan had earned himself a managerial role with our school team.

"We all made our way to the headmaster's office to tell him that Mrs Nolan’s services were no longer required.

"If we wanted to carry on winning trophies then we needed Alan.

"With some shock to us he agreed straight away. On the back of our performance in the Reebok 5’s he could not refuse.

"The team in the picture went on to win almost every game that year, drawing only two of which both were finals.

"This email is more a testament to our manager and friend Alan Bowman who took on a load of lippy 10 year olds around his work and family commitments and turned them into a team that never lost a game.

"Alan sadly passed away a few years ago, far too early.

"Without him we would not have had the success we did – he gave us all great memories we will always remember.

"Forget Sir Alex Ferguson’s Class of 92, they had nowt on Alan Bowman's Class of 89."

Clive Hastie also named the line-up: "Back row, from left, are Dylan Jones and Gareth Hastie; front, Paul Ackers, Chris Preston, Craig Edmondson (captain), Dominic Higgins, Lloyd Brough (goalkeeper) and Paul Higginbottom."