NEW ownership or investment at Wanderers is still a possibility this summer, says Ken Anderson.

Shareholders who gathered at yesterday’s AGM in the Platinum Suite were told that while active talks with interested parties had been shelved for now, they would be resumed in the summer.

Anderson said he continued to field enquiries from foreign-based investors but did not expect any situation to advance until after Wanderers know whether they have retained their position in the Championship.

“We are fortunate that people knock on our door rather than having to tout the club about,” he said. “I have spoken to people from the US, the Middle East, China and Eastern Europe. And they are still there but they are doing what anyone sensible would do and waiting to see what division we are in next season.”

Attracting candidates suitable to sit on Wanderers’ board has been a trickier task for Anderson, who remains the only named director at the Macron, at present.

“There have not been many people who would like to be a director because of the history of what we inherited here,” the chairman said.

“I am hoping as things improve and people see the accounts people will be more attracted to becoming involved in the club.”