AT the time of writing I am selected for Elton's second team's cup game on Sunday where we will be visiting the Supply My Building Materials Oval, the home of Heyside Cricket Club.

Many may scoff at the name of the ground, but advertising a local business, in what is hopefully a long-term agreement, is a fantastic way for the club to receive funding.

It has become increasingly important over the last few years for clubs to try to up their game when it comes to their relationship with local businesses.

The days of having members who own businesses that sponsor their club are fading away, and having to source new sponsors is on the increase.

This type of package is not uncommon.

We have all heard about the large sums of money pumped into professional football to advertise on players' shirts, shorts, pitch perimeter boards and spend on stadium naming rights, so why shouldn’t amateur cricket clubs try to capitalise on similar packages?

Woodbank are a fine example of trying to improve exposure for businesses at The Kenyons with their new big screen scoreboard which can also display sponsors' details, play music and show live football.

Bury CC captain Jon Wiggans last season erected a picket fence around the boundary to advertise the sponsors of all the sports that are based at the Radcliffe Road ground, and it looks brilliant.

Radcliffe Cricket Club’s ground has been named the Platinum Care Racecourse for the last three seasons.

This has led to a great relationship developing between club and sponsor, so much so the director of Platinum Care was present for the annual Radcliffe primary schools cricket tournament hosted by the club recently.

It is not always an easy process, though.

Recently I was working on a potentially similar deal to Radcliffe’s at another of our clubs.

Unfortunately, there was a stumbling block in the form of possible objections by residents to branding being placed on fencing.

Hopefully, over time, we can revisit that potential deal as it is vital clubs and businesses benefit from branding opportunities such as ground naming, scoreboard sponsorship and kit advertising.

They provide valuable assistance to not-for-profit clubs, giving them a platform to improve for the next generation while helping businesses gain valuable exposure within the community.