IT is with a heavy heart I have had to relinquish my role as captain and cricketer at Little Hulton Cricket Club.

Following a season of rearrangements, holidays and a lack of interest, last Sunday provided the catalyst to what had unfortunately been this inevitable conclusion.

I could not make selection last Thursday so my able deputy, Billy Schofield, took my place.

I texted him that only nine players were available for Sunday's match against Farnworth Social Circle.

For the next two days we rang or messaged up to 10 more players without being able to muster more and the subsequent withdrawal of two more players late on Saturday night meant we were down to seven.

We decided we could not go with so few players and I decided it was time for me to finish as captain.

I believed I had given it my best shot, but we had participated in only three games all season.

I messaged the club and players and thanked them for their efforts.

In my opinion, for Little Hulton Cricket Club to improve, they need to look at a club like Tonge as an example of how it can be possible to turn a club around.

They are in their third or fourth year of taking themselves from their lowest ebb to being back competing at senior level while also trying to improve their juniors and off-the-field matters.

All it takes is a slight restructuring.

The Little Hulton committee, selection and volunteers are all trying and giving their best, but the local community needs to come together and help this once great club.

I still enjoy playing despite the aches and pains, and with my work commitments I cannot play on Saturdays, so I have decided to move to Farnworth Social Circle to play in their Sunday team.

What an emotional ride!