KEN Anderson said he was not prepared to be “blackmailed or threatened” into paying Wanderers’ players overdue bonuses on Friday thus avoiding the cancellation of today’s friendly at St Mirren.

The Bolton chairman and owner has issued a statement on the official website which confirms one player – understood to be goalkeeper, Ben Amos – was not paid his salary in June.

He also claims Championship retention and loyalty bonuses which were due to other players were planned and authorised to be paid at the bank yesterday, adding: “The players gave me an ultimatum that unless these sums were received on Friday they would not take part in the game planned for Saturday against St Mirren.”

A source in the squad claimed to The Bolton News that after bonuses had not appeared in their June wage, assurances were made by club officials that they would be fast-tracked on July 6. It was only when the payment was not cleared that a collective decision to cancel the game was made.

It is still claimed by the players that none of the group have been paid their Championship retention bonus.

Anderson continued his defence of the situation.

“None of the players who extended their contracts raised any concerns about previous problems as suggested in their statement and virtually every player we released wished to extend their stay. These are not the actions of a disaffected group, I am sure you would agree.

“To put it into perspective the net amount outstanding to those on the tour was about 2.5 per cent of the annual gross total player payroll.”

The last set of accounts for 2017 stated the wage bill was £12.6million – which would put the figure owed at £315,000. It is not known, however, whether the top figure includes non-playing staff.

“I have never hidden the details of the financial crisis the club was in upon my arrival and the problems going forward,” Anderson continued.

“The support from the non-playing staff, supporters, suppliers and the football family has been unwavering and the reason why I continue to support financially from my family’s wealth.”