LANCASHIRE cricket's governing body has revealed Bradshaw have resigned from the Bolton Cricket League.

The Lancashire Cricket Foundation said in a written communication to clubs and leagues in Lancashire that the resignation had happened and warned leagues against allowing Bradshaw to play in their league until the 2020 season at the earliest.

Rumours have abounded for some time Bradshaw were considering leaving the Bolton League to join the Greater Manchester League and The Bolton News reported last month it was believed they had voted for the switch.

Bradshaw have so far declined to make any comment.

In their written communication to all clubs and leagues in the county, the Lancashire Cricket Foundation say: "We write on behalf of Lancashire Cricket in an attempt to bring a conclusion to the current issue regarding Bradshaw Cricket Club's resignation from the Bolton Cricket League (BCL).

"As all parties are aware, the resignation came after the deadline that all leagues and clubs adhere to under their own rules and the League Cricket Conference code of conduct.

"Bradshaw CC have been informed of this, and we understand that the BCL have responded by informing Bradshaw CC that they expect them to honour their obligations to the league for 2019.

"It would be the view of Lancashire Cricket that any league who subsequently accepted an application by Bradshaw, or any other club in similar circumstances, would be acting against the interests of cricket in Lancashire and that such action would have wider implications as to set an unwanted precedent throughout the county and the country.

"In the event that Lancashire Cricket were asked to intervene in such circumstances we would be forced to consider whether the clubs in that league were welcome to affiliate to us. Lack of affiliation would prevent our staff from working with those clubs, they would be denied access to the Small Grant's Scheme, be unable to enter the Lancashire Knockout Cup and would be unable to benefit from any of the opportunities to engage with our partners.

"Further, it would be the ECB's position in support of any action we had to take that those clubs would also then lose the opportunity to gain ECB endorsements to bring overseas players into the country, and would also be unable to apply to play in ECB competitions.

"Lancashire Cricket has restructured in order to allow greater support for our clubs and we have set out a vision to work in collaboration with the key groups that help create our network of league cricket through our recreation committee.

"We wish to work with all leagues and clubs to allow a positive and exciting future for all and we trust that that vision is shared by our leagues and that by working together we can achieve that goal.

"We trust that none of the action above will be necessary and that any league approached by a club in Bradshaw's position would advise them of the potential consequences and would also share those potential consequences with their existing clubs before making any decisions."