BRADSHAW will play one more season in the Bolton Cricket League before joining the Greater Manchester League in 2020.

The club voted to resign from the Bolton League at an extraordinary general meeting in the summer.

They wanted to join the GMCL next season but have been blocked from doing so by the county's governing body, the Lancashire Cricket Foundation, because the vote took place after the June deadline for moving next season which all leagues have to abide by.

Doubts over whether Bradshaw would adhere to the rule continued, however, sparking the LCF to last month issue a warning to other leagues not to take them next season, and threatening potential sanctions against clubs in any league that did so.

Bradshaw made no comment about the situation until Tuesday night when they announced they would be playing in the Bolton League next year and moving to the GMCL the following year.

In a Twitter post, they said: "It’s been decided tonight that Bradshaw Cricket Club will play the 2019 season in the BCL. We are now planning for this and future seasons. No other comments will be made at this time."

Bradshaw chairman Steve Dickinson told The Bolton News on Wednesday: "We had our EGM and we resigned from the Bolton league after the 30th of June deadline and from then there have been discussions between the LCF, Bolton League, GMCL and the club.

"The process ended last night and the LCF say they cannot sanction the move.

"We are looking forward to playing in the Bolton League in 2019 and we will be playing in the GMCL in 2020.

"The decision has been made and we will honour that decision and give the Bolton League our best shot in 2019."