AFTER a weekend which saw Wanderers slip to second bottom of the Championship with a 1-0 home defeat by Swansea City, extended the team’s poor run which has seen them take one point and score just one goal in the last seven matches, fans have had their say on what is going wrong

DESPITE all last week's rhetoric from Ken Anderson, David Wheater, and Steve Parkin, Bolton lost at home again and failed to score again on Saturday, dropping to second from bottom.

This on the same day fellow strugglers Hull scored three goals away from home to grab a valuable point and Reading scored two at home to get a draw.

Far from the mid-table team Ken Anderson claims he is paying for, Bolton look a team lacking in all departments to successfully compete in the Championship. After a whirlwind start to the season with 10 points from the first 12, the six points from the following 39 is the form of relegation certainties.

Unfortunately, the team management appear to have run out of line-ups, systems, and the tactics needed to survive.

As always, the buck stops at the top, and if Bolton are relegated the blame lies firmly at the door of Ken Anderson.

He complains the club does not have the resources of the likes of Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Leeds and others, so why did he get involved in Bolton in the first place if he personally did not have the funds to invest in the team?

The bigger clubs of the Championship are only bigger because they are owned by individuals who have, and are willing to, invest their own money to a level necessary to build for the future.

Mr Anderson calls on Bolton fans to show allegiance and come to games but they are certainly not to blame for not spending their hard-earned money to watch defeat after defeat.

Neither is the team management with the lack of funds restricting them to signing only loan players and those recovering from injury or who cannot find another club.

Tony Hutchinson



AFTER a weekend which saw Wanderers slip to second bottom of the Championship with a 1-0 home defeat by Swansea City, extended the team’s poor run which has seen them take one point and score just one goal in the last seven matches, fans have had their say on what is going wrong

I AM a hardened season ticket holder at the University of Bolton Stadium and I am finding it hard to remember when, if ever, we have had to suffer such a lack of entertainment and dire performances match after match.

I am amazed and pleased the suffering fans have not turned upon our well-respected manager Phil Parkinson.

All true Wanderers fans appreciate the wonders he has worked, not with one arm tied behind his back but well and truly trussed up like the proverbial Christmas turkey in relation to the transfer market.

At the present time we have to stick together and accept at face value what Ken Anderson tells us. But I believe history will not look kindly upon his stewardship of our club.

I am so concerned at what I am witnessing on the pitch at present that I believe drastic measures are called for. We cannot afford to wait until January to seek a remedy as, by then, even Nottingham Forest will not be able to save us.

I urge Anderson to get on the phone to Adam Le Fondre in Australia and ask him to fly in to rescue us.

Not only can I not see where our next goal is coming from I cannot even see us scoring again.

With the lack of funds available to our manager it is inevitable defenders of the quality on show at present are going to make mistakes each and every game.

Combined with strikers who would not know a barn door if it hit them in the face we are bound to lose.

Alfie is so head and shoulders above anything we are watching week in, week out he would look like Ronaldo and Messi rolled into one in the unlikely scenario we can get him to return.

Personally, if I were Alfie I would refuse whatever overtures Anderson could tempt him with and stay in Australia.

But that does not mean every effort must not be made to get him back to a club he has an emotional attachment to.

With a team containing Ameobi, Vela, Lowe and Alfie we would survive this season until Anderson can offload us to whoever will put up the King’s ransom.

So come on Anderson and get on that phone pronto please.

Ian Holland



SATURDAY’S Wanderers game was the continuing story of missed chances and defensive uncertainty.

When will we get a settled side? We played well, worked hard, and created many shots towards goal, (as against on goal).

Swansea City played well too, like they have been together a long time, which is probably the case in point.

They had fewer chances than us but took the important one which won them the game.

That’s all it seems to need in today’s high-quality Championship.

What is now clear is the standard of Championship football is better than ever before.

When Peterborough were relegated four seasons ago they accrued 51 points from 46 games.

I believe the bar is higher this season and we may need 52 points just to survive.

Last season we just scraped home with 43 points.

Are we nine points better this season? We could be with a settled side giving us renewed confidence.

Swansea are a top team with an abundance of Premiership-standard players.

We matched them in every department except in the final third where they were ruthless and we were pussycats.

They moved in numbers where and when it mattered most and this led to the goal.

We should build our team around the proven goalscorers we have.

Give them good support from the midfield and the back line – not just the long ball that invariably concedes possession.

If we do not bounce back soon we will pay the price in May.

Tony Ambrose