THE Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust has issued an open letter to Ken Anderson asking him to step-up his efforts to find a new owner for the club.

Anderson admitted on Thursday that discussions with interested parties from the US and Asia had broken down and were unlikely to be revived.

The same day it was revealed staff had been told they were not guaranteed to be paid their November salary.

That prompted the board of the BWFCST to draft an open letter, which was sent to members this afternoon.

It read: “It is with a mixture of feelings of deja-vu, dismay, worry and anger that, after hearing yesterday of the latest incidence of potential delays in payment of staff and players wages, the BWFCST Board implore you to redouble your efforts to find a new owner for our club.

“The various incidences of openly reported financial distress experienced by the club over the 30 months of your control have been evidence that Inner Circle Investments, as 94.5 per cent shareholder, does not have the access to sufficient funding to achieve stability and sustainability for BWFC.

“Indeed, your notes on the club website, published yesterday, seem to merely repeat your statements from the past regarding your willingness to “find the right custodian to take the club forward”, without offering the supporters of this proud football club any encouragement whatsoever that this is imminent.

“Whatever measures you have been taking to find either a new owner or new investment for a founding member of the Football League appear, sadly, to be inadequate.

“Our plea to you is to concentrate all your efforts and urgency into finding that new owner and thereby, in your words, taking the club forwards.

“The time for prevarication is over and the time for positive action is upon us.”

The trust also appealed last week for Ken Anderson to improve the quality of communication with supporters beyond that of his regular web columns and pre-match Q&A sessions.

Anderson responded with a damning statement in his web-notes on Thursday.

“I am aware of the Supporters’ Trust’s recent statement in which they have requested for me to engage in ‘structured dialogue’ with their own representatives and the wider support, which I quite frankly find astonishing.

“Since I became involved with this club, it has been my intention to have an open and honest line of communication with ALL our supporters and not to hold exclusive conversations with individuals or groups.

“During one of my early meetings with them they requested board representation and a shareholding. Their financial offer was what I can only describe as derisory and insulting and generally speaking nothing positive ever came out of the meetings.

“In the Q&A sessions I have held at the club, the invitation has always been open for every single Bolton Wanderers fan and no questions have been off limits. These have been timed to coincide with matchdays to ensure as many supporters as possible can attend. The Supporters Trust and other supporter groups are able to participate in these forums and ask whatever questions they would like.

“In the letter they sent to me requesting said ‘structured dialogue’ they added in a paragraph to the Memorandum of Understanding to suit their own agenda which isn’t included in the current regulations. We felt this to be disingenuous.

“It’s perhaps pertinent to mention that the Supporters Trust have had three changes in leadership in relatively quick succession which would make ‘structured dialogue’ somewhat challenging and I have some concerns about how they operate their elections and not to mention the direct debit subscriptions fiasco.

“I’ll be looking to have another Q&A forum in January and of course representatives from the Supporters Trust are more than welcome to attend alongside all our other supporters and we can all engage in some ‘structured dialogue.’”