AS we enter the season of joy and goodwill to all, there doesn’t seem to be much of it around the University of Bolton Stadium at the moment.

It’s been a real test of faith this week with delayed wages, voices in the wilderness calling for structured dialogue and increased abusive rhetoric on social media calling for Messrs Parkinson and Anderson to go.

Football seemed to take a back seat during this traumatic week as the pasties-pies derby crept upon us.

Our Doombar deliberations were downbeat as our bad run continues.

The performance at Hillsborough wasn’t bad, it was awful considering how bad Sheffield Wednesday were.

We’ve lowered our ambitions and our pre-match hopes were for seeing a goal at least.

Phil Parkinson went for an attacking line-up with Christian Doidge leading the line and it seemed to work.

We were up for it from the start with two yellow cards in the first three minutes and deservedly went ahead through Will Buckley.

It was a hard-fought derby match, influenced by two highly questionable refereeing decisions.

Mr Hooper was the only person in the ground to think Jack Hobbs didn’t get the ball first and that a defender’s hands raised over his head is a natural position.

When you are struggling, luck and decisions seem to play a bigger part.

We let these decisions affect us, instead of using them to fire us up even more.

Decisions apart, a draw was probably a fair result.

The events of the last week only reinforce the parlous state of our finances.

The decision to delay wages was to allow the monthly collection of the direct debits.

Cashflow will remain a problem until significant investment is made into our club.

Mr Anderson didn’t come in with any significant investment.

He came in to rescue the badly-financed Dean Holdsworth takeover deal.

Whatever our views on Mr Anderson, business-wise he is correct with insisting on proof of funds before entering into due diligence.

Football is full of bad foreign takeovers of English clubs.

For every Leicester successful takeover, there are 10 Portsmouth disasters.

Lack of movement on the investment front is frustrating but we are where we are.

Let’s cut the negative destructive rants and concentrate on positive constructive initiatives to get our club through this current crisis.