FIGHTING force Victoria Blaut is a world champion at the age of nine.

The youngster, who trains at North West Warriors Martial Arts Centre in Bolton, won the WKKC World Championships in Dublin.

She came through three tough fights to win the title.

Victoria has practised martial arts since she was five and joined North West Warriors six months ago.

Paul Smith, the head coach at the Breightmet club, said: "At North West Warriors we don't just teach martial arts we also teach self belief and how to believe in yourself.

"We feel this is a massive area within children. Through a lot of personal development we started to change Victoria's beliefs about herself and started to see results changing at competitions.

"Part of Victoria's training was to compete at a series of events building up to the World Championships and what we saw was astonishing.

"She won two golds at two big events in the UK.

"We knew we were on track for victory but that it wasn't going to be easy."

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