THERE are plenty of things wrong with football at the minute, but Will Buckley cupping his ears to our fans after his goal on Saturday was almost beyond belief.

I spend hundreds of pounds each year watching a team of generally low-quality players being paid wages which far outweigh the quality of the football on show.

Fans are entitled to their opinions and seeing Buckley’s reaction to his goal was disgusting.

Rather than looking happy that he had amassed his second goal of a pathetic campaign, he looked angry and ran straight to the East lower to ask where the “boo boys” were and how we could have the nerve to celebrate and laud him when he had done what he is supposed to do considerably more often.

While Buckley has not been the worst player this season, I am struggling to remember much he has done of any consequence.

He is not beyond criticism, and if he is unable to accept people rightfully criticising him, then maybe he is in the wrong job. Lots of people would argue that, just based on his performances.

I don’t want this letter to be seen as a personal attack on one player, but I think it is symptomatic of the attitude of the players and the club.

I have witnessed abject display after abject display this season and find it unacceptable that Buckley feels he is above criticism.

I can’t speak for him to say that he doesn’t care, but based on his actions after his goal, he is much more concerned with himself rather than the appalling plight that our club finds itself in once again.

If he looks at the league table, his own and his team’s statistics, maybe he will understand a little better the reasons why he and the rest of the team are criticised so much.

If this is the attitude of the rest of the players, we can look forward to League One next season, which I must say would be more his level anyway.

John Nuttall