FORREST'S A and B sides met in the first round of the Jane Fletcher Memorial Cup and it was the B side who went through courtesy of a considerable handicap.

The B team, ninth-placed in Section A, were the hosts and in the first pair of mixed games Janet Bailey and Matthew Latham battled against his brother, Chris Latham and Nicola Hill, to claim both games 21-13, 23-21, giving the B team a great start.

Paula Wright and Chris Mealor, Forrest A’s first couple, then claimed two comfortable games 21-11, 21-9, against Chris’ father, John Mealor, and Jackie Rypel.

When the third couples met the games went the way of the second-placed A team, courtesy of Carolyn Wood and Brad Walton, 21-7, 21-11, against Laura Bradley and Mahendra Patel.

In the clash of the first couples, the A team’s Wright and Mealor claimed both games 21-15, 21-11, against Bailey and Latham.

The A team were beginning to settle and rack up points towards recouping the handicap, but the B team hit back in the second couples’ mixed set with Rypel and Mealor winning the first game 21-17 and recording a 22-20 defeat to Hill and Latham.

Going into the level doubles, the A team led 199-149.

The A team then rallied in the first pair of ladies' games with Wood and Wright winning comfortably against Bradley and Bailey 21-8, 21-8.

The first pair of men’s games was claimed by the A team’s Walton and Mealor 21-15, 21-14, against Patel and Latham.

The second pair of ladies’ games were also taken by the A team, Wood and Hill winning 21-17, 21-7, against Bradley and Rypel .

The B team then showed their spirit in the last pair of men’s games proving tough opposition and building up a good point score as Patel and John Mealor lost to 18 and 12 against Walton and Latham.

Forrest A had accrued 367 points and Forrest B had 248, but the envelope revealed +120 giving a score of 368 to the B team who secured passage through to the next round by a single point.

In another cup match, Forrest C hosted Deane B with the former expected to give the handicap and win the majority of games.

Nalisha Patel and Ian Winrow, Forrest’s first couple, won the opening games, 21-14, 21-17, against Deane’s second couple, Patricia Beck and Umer Azeem.

The second pair of games was shared, Louise Quayle and Sanjay Patel, playing second for Forrest took the first 21-14, and Georgina Ryding and John Cole, won the second 21-15.

When the third couples’ met, Clare Stopford and Shallin Patel claimed both games 21-13, 21-13, against Deane’s Margaret Wong and Bharath Bhudia.

The clash of the first couples also went Forrest’s way, Patel and Winrow taking both 21-14, 21-16, against Ryding and Cole.

Forrest also claimed both games when the second couples met, Quayle and Patel winning 21-15, 21-14, against Beck and Azeem.

At the conclusion of the mixed, the score was 204-151 for Forrest.

The match, however, turned on its head in the first pair of ladies’ games, Deane’s Wong and Ryding claiming both 21-17, 21-18, against Stopford and Patel.

In the first pair of men’s games Patel and Winrow claimed the first 21-17, Deane’s Bhudia and Cole reciprocating by taking the second 21-17.

The second pair of ladies’ games saw Wong and Beck dig in to claim the first 21-17, and Stopford and Quayle took the second 22-20.

Forrest found form in the final men’s games, Patel and Patel claiming both games 21-7, 21-13, against Deane’s Bhudia and Azeem.

Forrest had a total of 358 and Deane 292, the envelope revealed +60 to Deane giving them a final total of 352, six shy of Forrest.