WANDERERS’ players remain unpaid despite a deal being struck between owner Ken Anderson and the PFA over their delayed November salary.

The players’ union has reportedly agreed to supply a loan to Anderson for half of last month’s wages but paperwork has yet to be processed.

That has left Phil Parkinson, his coaching staff and first team squad without pay for the last 10 days – although it is expected funds will finally clear tomorrow morning.

The PFA has yet to clarify whether it has loaned Wanderers enough funds to cover both November and December pay runs but it is understood players have been reassured that they won’t face the same situation at the end of this month.

Frustration in the camp has been high since a discussion between senior players and Anderson, which took place in a conference call last Thursday.

After requesting answers from the chairman, a joint decision was taken by the squad to bring in the players’ union.

It has been reported that Wanderers' players would be entitled to walk away from their contracts if they are left without pay for 14 days. 

Anderson gave his version of events earlier this afternoon via Wanderers’ official website.

“Last Thursday l had what l thought was a constructive and meaningful discussion with several senior players and management, where l made a proposal to them about the payment of their November salaries,” he wrote.

“At the end of the discussion they thanked me for explaining and clarifying the position and said they would speak with the rest of the squad and get back to me.

“Later on Thursday one of the senior players sent me a text saying, ‘we appreciate the offer you have made to us. Gordon Taylor from the PFA is going to act on our behalf and call you ASAP.’ “Unfortunately, this meant that the payment proposal that l had made to them would now be further delayed.

“I subsequently had a friendly and constructive telephone conversation with Gordon Taylor from the PFA where he asked me if we needed any financial help and if they could assist us in any way. To be absolutely clear Gordon called me and the club had not previously approached the PFA for any financial assistance.

“During the conversation with Gordon we reached an agreement, but unfortunately the documentation that subsequently followed on Friday did not reflect what l thought had been agreed, which further delayed everything yet again.

“I had another conversation with Gordon yesterday and what l thought had been agreed is now accepted and hopefully will bring this matter to a swift end and we can all move on."