Bolton face salary crisis after hitch with PFA bail-out loan

Marc Iles chief football writer

Bolton face salary crisis after hitch with PFA bail-out loan

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WANDERERS owner Ken Anderson faces a rush to find cash after his hopes of a PFA bail-out were dashed.

The Bolton News understands that the players’ union pulled out of a deal with Anderson to provide part-payment for the overdue November salaries after spotting there was a live winding-up order against the club.

It was felt too much of a gamble to loan money with a winder – believed to be from Front Row Marketing – still active on the court listings.

Unless the PFA have a change of heart, or the winding-up order can be removed, Anderson will need to find all the money owed to players and coaching staff by Friday, or risk them serving notice to terminate their contract.

No players have indicated they are willing to walk out as things stand, and the union are continuing to work with Wanderers to try and find a solution but as the football staff at Wanderers stretch towards a second week without pay, morale has taken a serious hit.

Anderson had spoken at length about the discussions with Taylor earlier this week – saying the deal had been “accepted”.

“I subsequently had a friendly and constructive telephone conversation with Gordon Taylor from the PFA where he asked me if we needed any financial help and if they could assist us in any way. To be absolutely clear Gordon called me and the club had not previously approached the PFA for any financial assistance,” the Wanderers chairman said.

“During the conversation with Gordon we reached an agreement, but unfortunately the documentation that subsequently followed on Friday did not reflect what l thought had been agreed, which further delayed everything yet again.

“I had another conversation with Gordon yesterday and what l thought had been agreed is now accepted and hopefully will bring this matter to a swift end and we can all move on.”

The petition from Front Row – a US-based marketing company - has been live on the court listings for a couple of months.

“The dispute with Front Row Marketing was another problem that I inherited from the previous regime at the club,” said Anderson on October. “Front Row claim that they were involved in the original Macron naming rights deal for the stadium and that they had brought money into the club.

“Interestingly, they were unable to provide any evidence or paperwork to this effect or to say exactly how much money they have brought in or when. For whatever reason they felt the need to issue the petition but I am pleased to say that we have now reached a settlement for less than what they claimed.”

Wanderers were contacted earlier today for comment.