I'M a dreamer, and as a Bolton sportaholic many of my dreams revolve around Bolton sport.

The return of a top town football league akin to the old Bolton Combination, a Bolton Cricket League that every club in the town was in, a second biggish football club in Bolton we could cover in The Bolton News along with Wanderers.

These are all on my Bolton sport wish list – Christmas list if we want to be topical – along with many more.

Another is to see a major boxing fight on Wanderers' ground with 40,000 people backing their hometown favourite.

It has been spoken about many times in the past with Amir Khan saying he would love it.

It has never happened and probably never will with Amir because, despite him being a smashing lad, an absolutely brilliant boxer and superstar sportsman who is Bolton through and through for some reason there seem to be as many people in the town who want him to lose as want him to win.

No, Amir's probably better off fighting where he's universally loved – which seems to be anywhere but Bolton from what I read on comments sections of stories and hear in pubs.

It's probably a moot point anyway because, despite all the positive things Amir has said about fighting at the Macron and Reebok stadiums in the past (I haven't heard him say it since the name changed to the University of Bolton Stadium), the idea has never got past the stage of boxer answering reporter's question.

Still, dreaming on, I would love to see Wanderers' stadium rocking to the support of hometown boxers.

I say dreaming, there is actually still a possibility of it happening due to the fantastic rise of other professionals from the town.

Last weekend two great lads continued to rise up the British rankings with impressive wins.

The two Jacks – Flatley and Cullen – are now in their mid-20s and really starting to make a big noise on the national scene.

Flatley from Farnworth is unbeaten in 14 fights and Cullen from down the road in Little Lever has lost one of his 16, although that was in the last of three fights in one night before which he had just eight minutes between his second and third compared with his opponent's one hour.

They are both middleweights – although Flatley, one year the younger of the two at 24, moved down a weight last weekend.

There has been talk of the two fighting each other, Cullen in particular showing a real appetite for it in recent months, but the people who run their careers have decided other opponents would be wiser at this stage of their careers.

There is no doubt a fight between the two would be massive in the town.

After last weekend's fights Flatley is 15th in the British super welterweight rankings and Cullen is 13th in the British middleweight rankings and his next fight should be for the Commonwealth title with last weekend's bout said to be an eliminator for it.

They are both value-for-money, front-foot fighters who wear their heart on their sleeve and put on a show.

They are also technically superb and have the necessary strong will to win.

Cullen is the more instinctive of the two who smells blood and goes for it while Flatley is more measured and executes the game plan to perfection.

A listen to Flatley giving analysis on fight night television in the past gives an indication that here is an intelligent man who is worth listening to.

Both Flatley and Cullen respect each other and and have excellent amateur backgrounds, Flatley having gone even further than Khan in the main national amateur tournament and Cullen having beaten Flatley the only time they ever met before they turned pro.

A fight between the two now would certainly whet the appetite.

But if we're patient and wait a year or two in the hope they continue their rise to the top of the British rankings we could have not only a Battle of Bolton bout between them but a Battle of Britain.

And where better to hold it than on the Wanderers pitch in front of 40,000 Bolton fight fans?

Like I said, I'm a dreamer.