AHEAD of Saturday’s FA Cup game I wrote a tweet saying: “Love Wanderers fans and staff but hope tomorrow's result is the worst possible for the Andersons #bwfc”.

It caused something of a Twitter-storm on the social media platform with some fans interpreting it as me wanting Wanderers to lose.

The inference is understandable but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

What result did I want? I later cleared that up on the social media platform by saying a win and Manchester United away on TV in the next round because of the money which would come in handy in Wanderers’ current plight.

Back to the Andersons.

And here, on reflection, I should have just put “Anderson” as the chairman and owner, Ken’s, son, Lee, does not appear to have any decision-making responsibilities or influence on the running of the club to the best of my knowledge.

So why did I want the worst possible result for Ken Anderson?

A great many reasons wrapped up in one package with a label saying I don’t think Wanderers are in good hands.

If you think this apparently sudden outburst against Mr Anderson is because he has banned The Bolton News’ long-time Wanderers reporter Marc Iles from the ground you would be partly right.

Marc said in his excellent piece the day after the ban was announced he believed Mr Anderson had been looking for a reason to ban him.

I agree. There had been a clear warning a few days earlier so the ban came as little surprise. Nor was it a surprise that Mr Anderson’s stated reasons were flimsy and vague to say the least and contained no detailed evidence.

No surprise there. Since he took over as owner and chairman Mr Anderson has had a lot to say but told the people of the town nothing.

“No comment” was a common response from the club to our requests for comment or guidance on the content of our stories even before the ban.

Yet Mr Anderson complains about what he calls the inaccuracies contained in our stories.

Wanderers appear to stagger from one financial crisis to another. Players going on strike and refusing to play a game, players asking Mr Anderson if they could have some wages by conference call more than a week after they were due, staff hearing they are not going to be paid on time, fans reading the club could be going into administration are all sad, sorry tales.

A confusing one came last week when The Bolton News reported the Professional Footballers’ Association had provided a substantial loan to the club for salaries paid to players and coaching staff in November and December, when, on December 12, Wanderers themselves released a statement on their official website saying the PFA option was not their preferred route and, instead, Mr Anderson would be personally funding the outstanding salaries.”

I don’t know about you but those two stories appear to be very different.

That’s the kind of detail which Mr Anderson needs to make sure is told accurately, providing the documentary evidence to back it up or guidance as to its whereabouts so others can access it.

I emerged from my keyboard after writing this piece on Sunday night to read the highly critical comments about Mr Anderson by the chairman of Forest Green Rovers, Dale Vince, over a deal between the two clubs for Wanderers to sign striker Christian Doidge.

They were a damning attack on the Wanderers chairman and dragged the name of Bolton Wanderers through the mud.

I'll let you read them, if you haven't already, to make up your own mind. They went: "From Monday morning, Christian Doidge is back with FGR [Forest Green Rovers]. We've taken the decision to recall him after his loan agreement expired last week amid continual contractual breaches by Bolton Wanderers.

"It became clear to us that Bolton entered into a contract to loan and then buy Christian last August without the means to honour it, and perhaps the intention to do so as well. They haven't even paid his wages for the last four months (we have).

"It's not just FGR that have been let down badly by Bolton, but Christian too.

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"Bolton's chairman, Ken Anderson, made a lot of promises on the last day of the transfer window, both to Christian and FGR, and has kept none of them. This is all his work and from talking to Ken he feels immune from the consequences – but some of these promises are written in legally binding contracts, and we'll be pursuing them.

"When the dust settles, we'll talk to the EFL [English Football League] about how they regulate clubs like Bolton. They already regulate the club to a degree, controlling all TV monies to make sure that football debts get paid.

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"[It's] hard not to wonder whether the league could also have a role in approving the terms of any contracts entered into – to make sure that they are actually within the means of the club. We had no way to know, but the EFL should have the inside view on that."

Not nice reading and only adds to my concern and dismay about the club Wanderers have become under Ken Anderson.

Marc is banned is because he is exceptional at his job and has provided such in-depth, informed and, yes, accurate coverage of Wanderers’ horrible financial problems over the last two years.

And don’t forget, all this coverage is aimed at one thing: to tell the people of the town what is really going on at their football club instead of allowing the narrative to be controlled by the club in whose interests it is for people to hear only positive noises.

The saying fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind.

The most galling thing of all is that, at a time when honesty is needed more than anything at this financially-troubled moment in Wanderers’ history so the people of the town know what’s going on at their club, Marc is the one person I can depend on to provide it.

Yet he finds himself the subject of a radical attempt to remove him from the scenario.

Being in the middle of the financial fall of Wanderers’ over the last couple of years I fear for the club.

I would fear for it a little less if Mr Anderson admitted it was a mistake to ban Marc – as would be in line with all the feedback I have had, including from the club – and would be open to questioning by the media and fan groups.

I would want him to include within in his answers details of where one can find documentary evidence of the information he provides.

It would be a start. But until that happens I’ll be wanting the worst possible results for Mr Anderson – as long as they are in the best possible interests long-term for Wanderers.