THE supporters are deservedly frustrated with all the events going on within the club.

With our financial issues, lack of resources to strengthen the squad, and current results, it is a perfect storm.

It is easy pickings to attack the club, and, therefore, the team.

Unfortunately, that is not what great supporters are about.

I understand people pay hard-earned money to watch the team, but true supporters stay strong and loyal through thick and thin.

Phil Parkinson has truly worked miracles with this team, and with less resources than most teams have in League One.

The players continue to remain fully engaged and committed to every game.

They work hard to achieve results, they have shown resolve when their club is in dire straits, and they have been competitive in every game bar one.

They consistently show how proud they are to wear the shirt and they need the fans' support more than ever.

I was most disappointed to read about the boos when Parky took Luca Connell off after 72 minutes against Reading on Tuesday night.

Those are fans acting out of emotion rather than common sense.

Any decent manager is going to protect his players from injury, especially when the player is 17 and not completely ready for 90 minutes of back-to-back Championship-level football.

It may not have been a popular decision, but how about a little trust and faith in those who know much more about each player than we do as the average fan?

Get behind your team, Bolton fans. The 12th-man mentality will go a long way to help our team avoid relegation.

The Bolton players believe in Parky and his staff. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t see the effort they put in to the bitter end of every game.

When it is game time go crazy and stand strong for your team – the players will reward you for it on the field.

For fair balance on Parkinson I would say it appears we adjust our system, shape and game plan in every game depending on the other team.

But when do they adjust what they do to play us?

It seems the opposition play on the front foot with little adjustment, regardless of what team we put out, and are on the offensive before games even kick off.

If we are going to go down, let’s go down fighting and on the front foot.

Be brave.

Martin Smith

Formerly of Bolton, now North Carolina