WANDERERS chairman Ken Anderson says supporters’ protests at recent home games have proved expensive for the club, due to extra policing bills.

Fans had staged their protests ahead of games against West Bromwich Albion and Reading at the University of Bolton Stadium, and the under-fire owner revealed they had been forced to pay out £20,000 for a police presence he says would not otherwise have been necessary.

“Both these games were not originally designated as fixtures that required a police presence,” Anderson said in his latest communication on the club’s website.

“But with the protests that took place, it was deemed necessary for the police to be on site to prevent possible disorder.

“While I completely agree that everybody has a right to express their opinions, I hope those people involved realise that the £20,000 we had to spend could and should have been put to much better use at the club.

“It was noted that only a very small minority chose to protest at the Reading game and from what I can gather the vast majority of our fans are not in favour of this course of action.”