IT is a real test of faith watching the Wanderers these days, when you can still count the number of league wins this season on one hand and four of them were before the end of September.

The Doombar deliberations were decidedly downbeat as the ‘Kick Bolton’ season continues unabated with Messrs Barton and Bowyer joining in. Get real, gentlemen, transfer deadline day is always frantic with possible deals, many of which do not come to fruition.

Winding-up orders now seem to be built into the Wanderers financial calendar on a monthly basis, like a lot of other football clubs.

It was almost a relief to get back to the football, except we are not getting much joy on the pitch either.

News of the growing injury list this week had me searching for the dubbin for my old boots, ready for the call from Phil Parkinson if needed.

Somehow, he managed to cobble a team together without me, stretching our fragile squad to its limit.

Despite a couple of early efforts from Josh Magennis, we were distinctly second best all afternoon, until a late consolation goal from Clayton Donaldson, and a good save from a Magennis header, denied us a very undeserved point.

If this performance was meant to impress potential buyers, then I very much doubt it did, especially after Preston’s second goal prompted a mass exodus of Bolton fans, eager to get off the car park and salvage some of the 90 minutes of their lives they will never get back.

At first, I thought that it was another protest but there were no tennis balls flying around.

Fallow February is very much on course with Birmingham, Norwich and Leeds to come.

News that some potential buyer has got past first base and is holding talks is good news. Maybe if there are other potential buyers out there, who have been keeping their powder dry, they might be tempted into chucking their hats into the ring as well.

Until he sells the club, I will reserve judgement on Mr Anderson’s tenure at Bolton, on whether he secures a deal which is in the best interests of Bolton Wanderers.

We need a deal which puts some money into the club and a business plan to take us forward and safeguard our future.

Selling the club is the easy part, getting the right buyers is the challenge.