IF and when BWFC get relegated it will not just be because of our financial embarrassment leading to our inability to compete against the leagues big spenders, but more a case of our negative mindset. 

We have beaten West Brom and Derby and, who knows, we could beat Leeds, too, this weekend.

But in too many games we have been more concerned about what the opposition could do to us with little or no evidence on view of what we may do to them.  

In most instances we give teams destined for the lower end of the Championship a day in which our over-predictable football is too easily dealt with and we allow them to take and retain possession up to the halfway line and beyond.

In Phil Parkinson's pre-match interview before the Norwich game, he more or less confirmed this is what would happen and, what is worse, is an acceptable game plan.

In other words we will let Norwich play attack against defence.

The result was a foregone conclusion even before we stepped on to the field of play.

No sooner had our goalkeeper cleared the ball up the field, it was possession lost and we were on the back foot once again.

Let us get on the front foot for our remaining games. Let's play to our strengths and be brave in the final third because even the big spenders will have bad days at the office.

We are currently making things too easy for them to dominate us. 

Tony Ambrose