WANDERERS must stump up around £250,000 to matchday and catering staff to ensure Saturday’s game against Millwall goes ahead as planned.

The Bolton News has learned that Heathcote and Co, the club’s catering partner since 2013, will suspend business at 3pm at the Whites Hotel this afternoon and bring employees into a meeting to discuss their next move.

Heathcote and Co cover food and drink in the stadium, hotel and hospitality areas but the business is owed a considerable sum by Ken Anderson and are now threatening to withdraw their services unless the account is settled.

Anderson faces a similar situation with match-day staff, including turnstile operators and safety stewards, who have not received their wages for February. In total, it is understood that £250,000 will cover wages of Wanderers employees and the money owed to Heathcote and Co.

Asked for his comment, owner, Paul Heathcote, claims a lack of assurance from the football club has given him little choice but to take action.

“We have a responsibility as a director and we see no visibility on payment,” he said. “Therefore in the absence of that we have to make a decision.

“We are talking about 300 staff on a matchday, of which about 250 are our own.

“All our staff have been paid up to date, so our conscience is very clear, but as a company we need income to move forward.”