THE takeover process at Wanderers has reached a final countdown.

The Bolton News understands a deal to buy Ken Anderson’s majority stake in the club is up for grabs with at least two groups fighting to take control before the end of this week.

A consortium fronted by Cheshire businessman Parminder Basran and London-based IT, property and entertainment businesswoman Sharron Brittan is still aiming to strike a deal.

Another consortium with Bolton links, which is backed with money from Bahrain, has also been in discussion with the club for months – re-engaging with Anderson after Basran and Brittan’s consortium pulled away from talks at the weekend.

Tabloid reports last night also claimed that ex-Chelsea and Manchester United chief executive Peter Kenyon was readying a last-minute bid, although insiders at the club have played down the prospect of a group entering into the equation at such a late stage.

The key to Wanderers’ sale could now lie with secured creditors other than Anderson, in particular Moonshift Investments Ltd, the company owned by previous owner Eddie Davies and now managed by his trust.

Other key players, and lifelong fans – Westhoughton-based businessman Michael James and former vice-chairman Brett Warburton – have also been working hard to find a quick sale.

Wanderers legend John McGinlay called for Anderson to move on.

“Hand over the key and get out of the club,” he said in an interview on Talksport. “Your plan to come in and make money hasn’t worked. Be the bigger man and walk out.”

McGinlay has defended staff who have worked without pay under Anderson to keep the club going – criticising an email sent out on Friday asking for “continued patience”.

“For him to show no emotion, no feeling for the people who worked there, these people are living day to day,” he said.

“They need their money. Their Direct Debits their mortgages need to get paid.

“These people have all got the place at heart and that’s the reason they are all there, to be honest, they don’t want to let the club down.

“With nothing on the horizon on when they are going to get paid, these people have got to start looking elsewhere at alternative employment to bring money into their household.”