I AM sending this letter in relation to the disgusting treatment of the staff at Bolton Wanderers.

My father and mother have supported Bolton Wanderers all their lives – as an 11-year-old my dad was rolled down above the heads of fans on the pitch in the Burnden disaster and has been following them since.

Mum, dad and I have had season tickets since the new ground opened and have witnessed great days – my wife and I followed Bolton into the great days of Europe.

Unfortunately, two years ago, dad was diagnosed with cancer.

He has had some treatment and it slowed it down, but the cancer will get him. he was that ill last year, he bought his season ticket but didn't get to use it.

This season, he again bought his season ticket and through the help of the fantastic staff and this great club, I was able to get my dad to three games.

I am hopeful I might get him to one or two more before the end of the season.

he loves this great club and as a family we have supported them through the good times and bad – but this must be the worst ever.

I would like this so-called chairman to man up and walk away from Bolton Wanderers so my dad can know that when he does pass away, the 11-year-olds of Bolton can follow the mighty Whites for as long as he has – him and mum will be 84 and 85 respectively this year.

Anybody that takes Bolton Wanderers on must understand they are the custodian and only looking after it for the fans and that the people of Bolton are in its DNA.

Gordon Ashworth, via email.