RELEGATION again without a doubt and financial meltdown guaranteed, yet Bolton Wanderers hold on to a manager who should have gone at least six months ago.

We play one up front home and away when Bolton have always played two up front.

In any other job if you performed as badly as losing 20 to 24 games you would be out.

Who would take over? Well, Kevin Nolan, Phil Brown and Kevin Davies are all doing nothing.

At a pinch we should have tried for Big Sam [Allardyce] until the end of the season, or David Lee.

Sometimes life is not about money but about community spirit.

My days of watching a lifeless team have long gone.

I have seen the best times and I will not be watching the worst any more.

I am born and bred in Bolton and have always been a Bolton fan.

It breaks my heart to say this, but why don’t the club fold and come back as AFC Bolton?

John Norris