WHEN are we going to get some good news from Bolton Wanderers?

Our fans keep getting told a takeover is in the offing, but nothing materialises and we are no nearer getting something sorted out.

It is very upsetting the proposed takeover fell through at the last minute.

It is not good news for the playing staff or anyone else involved; I would not be happy if I did not know if or when my wages were going to be paid.

Fortunately, our players are soldiering on under very difficult circumstances, for which they deserve some credit.

If a takeover ever happens it needs to be sorted sooner rather than later, otherwise we will not have a team to support in the future.

At the moment if looks as if administration is the only option, which will be a travesty for our once-proud football club.

Please Ken Anderson, try to get something sorted before it is too late and keep our fans up to date about what is going on at the club.

Marjorie Armstrong