THE Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust has issued a public plea for all parties involved in the proposed takeover to come to some agreement in order to preserve the club’s future.

Negotiations on the much-anticipated takeover by the Football Ventures (Whites) consortium, led by Parminder Basran and Sharon Brittan, believed to be close to completion, have ended with the buyers pulling out of the deal, leaving chairman Ken Anderson maintaining his majority shareholding.

That breakdown was a bitter blow for playing and coaching staff, as well as non-football employees and Anderson himself.

On the field, Saturday’s heavy defeat at Wigan moved Bolton closer to relegation, but off it there are even graver concerns, with the club being summoned to a hearing in the High Court tomorrow over a winding-up order issued by HM Revenue and Customs.

It is the sixth time in less than a year-and-a-half the club has been hit by a winding-up order over unpaid tax and VAT. The claimant is likely to pursue a course of action with two of the options including Wanderers entering administration or being liquidated.

And the trust has called for some compromise to be found by the buying and selling parties, so that football supporters in the town still have a club to follow.

“The current breakdown in negotiations between Mr Anderson and the Football Ventures (Whites) consortium leaves the club governance matters in a precarious state,” read the statement released over the weekend.

“With the court appearance scheduled for Wednesday, the future of BWFC is, once again, in serious doubt.

“In view of this, we are making a plea from the heart for all parties to work together to achieve a resolution.

“As well as Mr Anderson and Mr Basran (Football Ventures consortium), we implore the other stakeholders and club creditors to show a willingness to achieve a future for BWFC.

“Undoubtedly, some compromise will be needed. And all parties have a significant part to play in achieving a solution.

“Please, on behalf of the club, the club employees, the supporters and the Bolton community, can all interested parties put their differences to one side, agree to compromise and to work together to avoid driving OUR club out of existence.”