WHAT a joy it must be to support a club where all you have to worry about is the results on the pitch.

We felt in our Doombar deliberations just about as far away from that scenario as any club could be, after a week of player and steward strikes, the prohibition notice from the Safety Advisory Group, coming perilously close to being wound up in court again, buyers claiming to be close, but not close enough obviously, and finally computer crashes putting the game in doubt.

This was the game that very nearly wasn’t. 

As it turned out, we all wish it hadn’t been played as we simply weren’t up for it.

A larger than usual crowd got behind the team from the start, clinging on to the slim hopes boosted by our win at QPR.

But we were lethargic and second best all round, especially in the first half, and we got what we deserved, which was nothing.

Any glimmer of hope of survival in the Championship was effectively snuffed out on Saturday with the results from elsewhere going against Wanderers.

But my main concern is the club’s survival and that is looking as desperate as I have ever known it.

All the signs are the financial situation is deteriorating fast in a downwards spiral and that day-to-day survival is in real danger.

Let’s try and stick to facts, of which there are precious few.

Why was there no catering in the hospitality suites? Why was there no around the pitch electronic advertising? Why can’t the hotel allow customers to book food and drink to their rooms? Where did the money come from to pay the staff? This reeks of more unpaid bills. Any business deal takes time to complete as there has to be two-way negotiation, just like when you buy a house and then have checks and surveys done.

As due diligence is done, then any debts coming out of the woodwork can seriously jeopardise the deal as they will have to be factored into any final deal.

No business deal is concluded until everything is signed, sealed and delivered.

I’ll believe things when they have happened, which brings me on to why has the Supporters' Trust already written to the EFL expressing concern about someone who has not yet bought the club?

We need a saviour and I’m not bothered who, as long as it at least buys us some time.