WANDERERS’ players are still waiting for concrete news on when they will be paid by owner Ken Anderson.

It has come to light that a heated meeting between players, coaching staff and PFA chief Richard Jobson produced no definitive answer on when overdue March wages would be sorted.

A court order will be needed to unfreeze accounts and allow a transaction to be made – but sources claim Anderson wants the PFA to help smooth things over with the EFL and potentially avoid a two-window embargo, which would be inherited by the next owner of the club.

PFA chief Richard Jobson was asked by Parkinson to attend the meeting to explain to the players their options but with Anderson away in the US, the squad still have no guarantees.

“Between us all we’re trying to work out a scenario which gives us a chance of getting paid and doesn’t affect the club’s ability to be sold,” Parkinson told The Bolton News.

“We’re working with the chairman towards that. At the moment he’s away, so he’s difficult to contact with the time difference he’s in, but if there’s someone out there we’re helping to make sure it’s still attractive enough to buy.

“Equally, the lads want to know about their wages because in two weeks their next pay packet is due.

“It is concerning. You know the players feel they have had the stuffing knocked out of them in this situation and it’s almost a case of trying to unscramble everyone’s heads.”

Parkinson has delayed naming his team to face Derby because he wants to assess each player’s state of mind before putting them out on the pitch.

“I want to pick a team of people who I am sure are engaged in the job at hand,” he said. “There is going to be pressure on Derby because they have dropped out of the play-offs and we have to make it a difficult game for them.”