LAURENCE Bassini refuses to give up on his chase to buy Bolton Wanderers, insisting the contract he signed to buy Ken Anderson’s shares is “bulletproof”.

Speaking to The Bolton News this morning, the former Watford owner was upset that an official statement issued last night had seemingly ended the deal and hinted that the club would soon be placed into administration.

“That is nonsense,” argued Bassini, who added that he is now pursuing legal action and is officially 'in control' of the club. “What is happening here is wrong. What they are doing is making people at the club suffer.

“I am not giving up on this one. I am going to save this club.”

Bassini has not had his business plan refused by the EFL but admits he does need to restructure elements of his bid to satisfy certain criteria laid out by the league.

He claims there was no need to meet with officials last night as his legal representatives were able to send the necessary documents without him being present.

“The contract I have is binding,” he said. “It is a mechanism to complete the deal.

“They have not put in writing that I cannot have the club. It is bulletproof. There is nothing they can do – and they certainly can’t start putting out an ultimatum.”

Bassini claims he offered to pay-off the winding-up petition against the Bolton Whites Hotel a fortnight ago but was refused.

He has also said he would pay back every Bolton Wanderers supporter who had money taken from their bank account for the final season ticket direct debit last month.

“I will repay every single fan personally,” he added.