Bolton Wanderers are heading for administration. 

Ken Anderson released a set of his 'chairman's notes' as Wednesday’s High Court hearing over a winding up order began to reveal the news and take aim at prospective owner Laurence Bassini. 

In court, there was an adjournment to allow time for the formal appointment of an administrator. 

Anderson says that following Bassini’s proposed takeover falling through it is now left to him or the family of Eddie Davies to put the club into administration – avoiding the possibility of liquidation and the end of the club in its current form. 

“Mr Bassini, regrettably his continued time wasting and empty promises have caused a great deal of heartache and frustration for the staff and supporters alike and now leave the Eddie Davies Trust and I with little or no choice other than for one of us to place the businesses into administration, as any likelihood of finding any resolution the  High Court hearing not possible,” Anderson’s statement read.

In a separate High Court hearing the case regarding the Bolton Whites Hotel was also put back until May 22.