KEN Anderson was never likely to go quietly after a chaotic three years as owner of Bolton but the timing of his final web tirade was enough to shock even the battle-hardened Wanderers fan.

The High Court already in session and the club minutes away from learning its fate, the outgoing Bolton chairman launched a column on the official website pointing a finger of blame at Laurence Bassini for delaying the process.

It was officially announced on April 17 that the former Watford owner had agreed a deal to buy Wanderers – but three weeks later Monaco-based businessman Anderson admitted he had made a mistake.

“Mr Bassini has failed to provide any adequate and acceptable proof of current and future funding to the EFL, the other secured creditors or me despite him keep telling the media, and anyone else that listens, that he has the ability to perform since early March when first discussions were held with him and his advisors.

“His failure to perform has actually caused far greater hardship to the staff than would have occurred if he had not given undertakings he clearly cannot honour. For this I am deeply sorry and offer my apologies to the hard-working staff of both the football club and Whites Hotel.

“The question I have been asked is why, given the numerous warnings, I entertained an approach from Mr Bassini, in hindsight this has proved a mistake. However, at the time the only alternative was to place the business in to administration, I felt giving him the opportunity to complete the deal was worth the risk of delaying this process by a few days, which unfortunately became weeks.”

Wanderers issued a notice of intent to enter administration at court, which could come into effect by the end of this week.

“This had been a massive disappointment to me as I understand the serious implications administration will bring to the businesses,” he said. “But I have been left with no alternative, as this course of action will preserve the football club and all of its proud history.”

Meanwhile, Simon Jordan has condemned Ken Anderson for naming and shaming Bassini.

Former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan feels the outgoing Bolton owner was passing the buck – launching into a fierce outburst on Talksport radio yesterday.

“Let’s be clear, whatever Bassini is or isn’t, this isn’t his responsibility – it’s down to Ken Anderson,” he said. “This is financial mismanagement, puny chairmanship, puny control over a football club and for Ken to put that statement out… more hardship was being created by his inability to manage his business.”

Jordan claims administration was inevitable at Bolton and that Bassini would be better off buying it from the hands of a receiver.

“This club has collapsed because it has been mismanaged,” he said. “The only outcome was administration.

“Anyone in their right mind isn’t going to take over a club like Bolton in £42m of debt – and when I talked to Bassini last week I said the same thing. Why would you buy it now?”