LAURENCE Bassini says he is ready to go to war with Ken Anderson and administrators in an effort to purchase the club.

The former Watford owner, who at one stage announced he had control at Wanderers after striking a deal with Ken Anderson, is launching a legal challenge against the decision to bring an administrator in to control affairs at the Bolton Whites Hotel.

Bassini disputes the legality of Ken Anderson’s appointment of insolvency firm Quantuma, which he says contravened the Share Purchase Agreement struck with Anderson in mid-April.

Warning was given via a solicitor’s email to Quantuma this afternoon and Bassini claims his legal representatives will serve an official notice in the coming days.

As things stand, the dispute is unlikely to affect ongoing efforts to sell the football club, whose administrator Rubin and Partners say they are still on track with Friday’s deadline for potential buyers to submit their bids.

Wanderers’ administrators were appointed by the Fildraw Trust – who look after the affairs of late owner Eddie Davies - and do not anticipate any delays, nor further complications with Bassini.

The London-based businessman insists he will press on with his challenge against Anderson and Quantuma. Speaking to The Bolton News, Bassini said he was the “last chance” for both the club and hotel and that he had access to £30million to complete the deal.

“I am trying to save the club,” he said. “I am very worried that if I don’t do something now that it could go into liquidation. The club is in a vulnerable position.

“Over the last few weeks I have stayed quiet, let things move along, but I have not had the information I need from the receiver.

“I will serve notice to Quantuma on the SPA right away because I am not prepared to stand by and watch this happen, it is just not right and I want the fans to know that.”

It is understood the SPA agreed between Anderson and Bassini did complicate the process of appointing an administrator to the club last month and was a major factor in different representatives being put in charge of the hotel.

Hotel administrators Quantuma dispute Bassini’s claims, with a spokesperson adding: “The joint administrators have confirmed with their legal advisors that they have been validly appointed and do not wish to comment further on the comments of Mr Bassini.”