WANDERERS’ administrators have outlined why Laurence Bassini will not be buying Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

Responding to a claim from the former Watford owner on TalkSPORT this morning that his David Sullivan-backed bid was the “better choice” a statement was released by David Rubin and Partners which outlined the reasons for them rejecting his advances.

Bassini claims West Ham vice-chairman Sullivan is willing to back him with £25milion in exchange for a property deal – which is thought to include the purchase and leaseback of the University of Bolton Stadium.

But the administrators say they had firm financial and legal reasons for turning him down in favour of preferred bidders, the Football Ventures consortium, and accused the 49-year-old of “threatening” behaviour in the weeks since he was told he would not be considered.

A statement read: “We note with dismay the interview given by Laurence Bassini to TalkSPORT this morning. “The simple fact is, for several reasons, Mr Bassini was not the successful bidder under the process we have carried out to sell Bolton Wanderers.

“His bid was not the best for the club. Moreover, he was not able to satisfy either the proof or source of funding to the satisfaction of the process or within the prescribed timeframe. That remains the case.

“Subsequently, Mr Bassini has sent a vast number of erratic and threatening emails and text messages, as well as making threatening calls, to the point where we have instructed lawyers to deal with them. “We will be making no further comment about Mr Bassini or his claims.”

Bassini failed to produce correct proof or source of funds to the EFL in April for his bid to buy the club solvent from Ken Anderson in April but has since spoken continuously about his desire to “save” the club and “make it great again”.

A poll by The Bolton News earlier this month asked readers to choose which of the current ownership options would be most preferable: Football Ventures, Bassini or none of the above, and the London-based property developer picked up just seven per cent of the vote.