IT was all aboard for the Wanderers magical mystery tour as all routes led to Wycombe for the rebirth of our beloved club.

After months of disgrace, shameful actions and frustrating impotence as we have watched our club brought to the edge of destruction, it was game on and we could stand loud and proud and show everyone what Bolton Wanderers means to us.

Many thanks to all at Wycombe who got the tickets sorted, despite the game only being confirmed a few days before and who made us very welcome, making it clear that they stood with us.

Even during our generous lunch at the 16th century Fleur de Lis in Stokenchurch, there were rumours that the game would be called off, that the five contracted players wouldn’t play and that there was a colour clash between the strips.

But with less than an hour to go, Twitter erupted with news of our team selection.

The relief was tangible, even though we didn’t know half the names.

Despite the long queues, we got in just in time for the kick-off and we witnessed a fully committed performance from the youngsters, backed up by the few experienced players we have left.

Forget the result. There was a team out there as proud to wear the shirt as we are, giving their all against the odds, something that has been sadly lacking in recent times.

Unsurprisingly, the youngsters appeared to tire late on, and we succumbed to the increasing pressure from Wycombe.

New heroes emerged with Yoan Zouma leading the way. The Bolton fans were magnificent throughout, something applauded by their manager, Gareth Ainsworth at the end.

We’re still in business but there are many problems to be faced and sorted.

The priority is financial stability. That means selling the club and coming out of administration.

The impression I’m getting is the current deal is not imminent as there are still details to be sorted, possibly depending upon the outcome of the hotel administration. Whenever the deal is done, there must be a sound business plan in place to guarantee our future.

Then there needs to be a clear football plan to restore our fortunes on the pitch.

At that point, a manager should be appointed, capable of carrying out that plan. It could take five to 10 years to get us back challenging for the Premiership, but I’ll be there.

I’m Wanderers ‘til I die.