LAURENCE Bassini has gained a court order to stop the sale of Bolton Wanderers in its tracks.

The former Watford owner obtained an injunction in Manchester High Court which prevents the sale of Burnden Leisure Limited, Wanderers’ parent company, which holds the so-called ‘golden share’.

Bassini is alleging a breach of contract by Ken Anderson, with whom he had signed a sale and purchase agreement earlier this year.

Paul Appleton, speaking on behalf of administrators, David Rubin and Partners, claims the Football Ventures consortium was “on the brink” of completing a deal to buy the club until the court’s decision.

His statement read: “It is with a combination of outrage and disgust that I have to inform Bolton Wanderers fans that the deal to sell the club to Football Ventures has been temporarily suspended in the last hour.

“Late this afternoon, we were informed by lawyers acting for Laurence Bassini that he had been awarded a court order attempting to prevent the sale of Burnden Leisure Limited, part of an action against a company owned by Ken Anderson.

“It beggars belief that Mr Bassini, a man who publicly professed to care passionately for the club, has now, through his actions, threatened its very existence.

“Despite a long and hugely complex process of negotiation, we were finally on the brink of completion this afternoon when Bassini’s order was served.

“Our lawyers are now in conversation with Counsel in a bid to overturn the order immediately.”

Bassini told the Jewish Telegraph: “My only desire all along has been to help Bolton. Now the truth can come out. I will be at the match on Saturday against Coventry City.”