JIMMY Phillips fears Bury’s expulsion from the EFL may not be the only one as numerous clubs flirt with closure.

The Shakers were expelled on Tuesday and Bolton’s interim boss feels there may be more clubs about to go the same way.

Phillips added he wants to see better regulation from the governing bodies to prevent more clubs from suffering the same fate.

“It’s such a shame for Bury and all the supporters,” he said. “It’s something that is the modern scourge of football at this moment in time, with numerous clubs having hard times financially.

“I think there will be more clubs to come that will go through the process that we’ve been through and I think it’s where the authorities and all the governing bodies will have to have a good look at themselves at a) how clubs are run and b) whether they are over-stretching themselves.

“It’s about whether they can put new rules in place to stop clubs from over-stretching and leaving what is the focal point of the community in any town living perilously close to closing.

“It does seem to be part of the problem of modern-day football where the rich are getting richer and the poor are certainly getting poorer.”