BURNDEN Road Runners are set to launch their 'new beginners' group on Monday, September 23.

The group will be based at Smithills Sport Centre, on Smithills Dean Road, and will meet every Monday at 7pm.

Burnden Road Runners was established in 1985 and was based at Burnden Park.

But the running group began in 1983 when Vince Regan, a former international runner, approached John McGovern, manager of Bolton Wanderers at the time, to run in Bolton’s own Adidas British Marathon.

McGovern rose to the challenge and invited others to join him.

Many responded and completed the marathon as members of the Wanderers Lifeline Team.

Following the event a small nucleus decided the group should continue to run and raise money for local charities, thus the Lifeline Running Group began.

In 1985, the group became a fully-fledged athletics club whose name was a nod to the then home of Wanderers, Burnden Park – the ‘Road Runners’ part being inspired by one of its early members renowned for his participation in events dressed as the original roadrunner with feathered tail flowing and klaxon blaring.

Nearly 35 years later the group is still going strong and members are ever present and compete in road, fell and cross-country leagues.

Many of those taking part in these races all began in the new beginners group and some of last year's new starters have competed this year in many events across the North West with the support of the group's run leaders within the club.

On September 23 the group will begin working with its latest batch of runners and although it was originally set up for beginners, other more experienced runners have joined.

Each programme is designed around the needs and goals of the runners in that group, so it is unique and individualised.

There will be an initial informal three-week period which gives the run leaders an opportunity for them to get to know people and find out what they would like to get out of the group.

Following this, the formal programme will hopefully take runners to their destination, whether that be a race or to simply run a set distance without stopping. 

Those wishing to attend can register at www.burndenroadrunners.co.uk or email administration@burndenroadrunners.co.uk for more information.