ON a sunny Autumnal day, Keith Hill’s 'flat cap' army crossed the Pennines to witness the rebirth of Bolton Wanderers.

We’d all seen Sharron Brittan’s video interview and unanimously agreed she seems to have her head screwed on right and that this augurs well for our future, and represented a refreshing change to the previous incumbent at the helm.

Everybody was relieved we have got a future and we were looking forward with excitement at the rebuilding of our club, basically from scratch.

Numerous Rotherham fans told us how happy they were to see us and wished us well for the future, after Saturday’s match of course.

A programme was an essential buy to identify our team but even that wasn’t enough as we signed Adam Chicksen on the way over to the match.

The atmosphere was electric and this went up a notch when Hill came out early to doff his flat cap to the fans.

Everything went to plan for the first 14 minutes.

The Wanderers started off on the front foot and we went crazy when Thibaud Verlinden scored our first goal since April. However, the Millers hadn’t read the script and took full advantage of playing against a team of strangers, eventually hammering us 6-1.

The whole squad came over to the fans after the final whistle to be given a great, understanding ovation.

We’ve got this first match out of the way and can be under no illusions as to the tasks ahead.

We’re still waiting for the EFL’s judgement on the Brentford and Doncaster matches.

Football Ventures have to manage the club wisely to provide financially stability going forward and to avoid the nightmares of the past.

Hill and David Flitcroft have to mould a group of strangers and youngsters into a competitive team, working with comparatively still slender resources. This will take time as the initial seeds have only just been sown.

Avoiding relegation would be a fantastic result for us this season. If not, then we must aim to have a competitive team which will do well in League Two next season.

There is a great togetherness now. We are at the start of something special. This is only the beginning.