KEITH Hill says he wasn’t looking for a fight with his “Adonis” Yoan Zouma.

The Wanderers boss had some critical words for the young defender after he had conceded an injury time penalty against Sunderland.

Hill insists his comments were not meant to be as pointed as they appeared post-match but he was heartened by the 21-year-old’s response after he was restored to the starting line-up at Portsmouth.

“There was a lot made of that,” he told The Bolton News. “I got home and looked at the press and thought ‘I’ve not really criticised Zouma there, have I?’

“I haven’t hung him out to dry or accused him of really losing the game. He made a mistake – we’re born to make them. I wondered if I had to address something because I don’t like singling players out.

“I was critical of him but he’s a man and he’s got to accept responsibility. Since Sunday I saw a different attitude, a different player.

"He has got quality; we have just got to lead him into a responsible position to play centre-half. It’s a brain game.

“He has got great pace, mobility, he’s an athletic Adonis but he needs the brain game because he’s got everything else.

“I have been really heartened by the response and his acceptance of the way we do things.

"He isn’t fighting it. We thought there was a fight going on but now he’s trusting me and Dave (Flitcroft) and the players are looking after him.”