WANDERERS’ new owners will settle debts with all remaining football creditors early next month.

Contracted football staff were paid up earlier this week and Football Ventures have now committed to paying non-contracted players and staff their outstanding money on November 6.

Costs ballooned towards the end of the takeover with an extra £1.5million added to the overall bill in PAYE and National Insurance contributions.

The likes of Gary O’Neil, Mark Little, David Wheater and Andy Taylor are still due five months’ pay – but their wait is now drawing to an end, with FV funding payments themselves, rather than with the help of a PFA loan. “Prior to the purchase of Bolton Wanderers Football Club by Football Ventures (Whites) Ltd (FVW), the players at the club were not paid their salaries for a number of months,” said a club spokesperson.

“FVW has assumed the responsibility for paying all outstanding football creditors in accordance with EFL rules as part of its role in saving the club.

“Agreements have been reached with all football creditors, including the players currently contracted to BWFC in accordance with the terms of FVW’s original offer.

“Former Bolton Wanderers players who are not contracted to the club will be paid all outstanding money owed in full by November 6.

“The club would like to thank the Professional Footballers’ Association for their assistance and our players for their understanding.”

Ex-player Gary O’Neil explained his situation on talkSPORT on Tuesday.

"We got February's wages so we haven't received any since March,” he said.

"We believe there's something going on with the new owners and that we should be getting something very shortly.

"The lads that stayed were needed to play so they received theirs, but the lads that were let go in the summer haven't been paid yet. We're still waiting.”

Asked what it had been like to go without wages last season under previous owner Ken Anderson, the midfielder added: "It was different for everybody. I'm getting towards the end of my career - you start to get more sensible with your money anyway because you know the end is coming.

"I can ride out six months or whatever it may be and I'm playing football at that point for the sake of keeping playing football. But some of the lads were really struggling.

"If it happened to me when I was 22 and I used to spend everything I got as I got it, I would have been in trouble with not being paid for a month, let alone six months.

"I would imagine some of the lads have found it very difficult."