MOORSIDE B notched a 10-8 away win at Sharples C in the latest round of matches in Bolton Badminton League’s C Section.

Sharples, currently third, opened the scoring with the first couple, Linzi Casey and Steve Duckworth, taking their games 21-5, 21-8, against Jane Whelan and Stuart Hall.

Fourth-placed Moorside then claimed the next four games, their first couple, Pauline Charnock and Steve Drinkwater, taking their games 21-10, 21-12, against Eileen Beeney and Nick Hitchen and when the third couples met, Laura Goff and Jamie Belton won both games 21-10, 21-14, against Sharples’ Ailar Afshari and Jamie Nuttall.

When the first couples met, their games were shared, Moorside’s Charnock and Drinkwater claimed the first 21-12 and Casey and Duckworth took the second 21-18.

In the clash of the second couples, Sharples came out on top, Beeney and Hitchen winning 21-8, 21-15, against Whelan and Hall.

The first pair of ladies’ games was shared – Afshari and Casey claiming the first 21-19, and Goff and Charnock taking the second 21-17.

In the first pair of men’s games, Moorside’s Belton and Drinkwater edged their team in front by claiming both games 21-11, 21-14, against Nuttall and Duckworth.

The second pair of ladies’ games was shared, Afshari and Beeney taking the first for Sharples 21-13, and Goff and Whelan winning the second 21-19.

Going into the final men’s games Moorside were in the draw position and in a nail-biting first encounter Belton and Hall claimed it 25-23 and clinched the match. Hitchen and Nuttall then took the second game 21-12 to seal victory.

Forrest E, promoted from C Section and currently sixth in B Section, played Westhoughton D.

Forrest’s Georgina King and Peter Lambert shared the opening games, winning the first 21-12, while Linda Redford and Sanil Balakrishnan claimed the second 21-16.

Seventh-placed Westhoughton’s Susan Kinsella and Anthony Hughes, their first couple, then won both games 21-17, 21-19, against Christine Travis and Jack Hamer.

When the third couples met they shared their games, Forrest’s Lindsey Tait and Mark Allen claiming the first 21-16, and Pat Smith and Rajeen Padmaja toaking the second 21-13.

In the clash of the first couples, Forrest’s King and Lambert claimed two comfortable games, 21-13, 21-12, against Kinsella and Hughes.

When the second couples met Forrest also claimed both games, 21-19, 21-18, against Redford and Balakrishnan, to put them 6-4 ahead.

In the first pair of ladies’ games Westhoughton’s Smith and Kinsella won two close games, 22-20 -21-19, to draw their team level, against Tait and King.

Forrest then hit back when Allan and Lambert claimed the first pair of men’s games 21-12, 21-18, against Padmaja and Hughes. The second pair of ladies’ games was claimed by Forrest’s Tait and Travis against Smith and Redford.

In the final pair of games Forrest’s Allan and Hamer just managed to edge the first 22-20, and Westhougton’s Padmaja and Balakrishnan won the second 21-15, which gave Forrest an 11-7 win overall.