DEANE B triumphed 10-8 against Forrest D at their Horwich Leisure Centre home, in a match that went to the wire in the B Section of the Bolton Badminton League.

The two opening games could not have been closer, Deane’s Georgina Ryding and John Cole claiming the first 22-20 before Forrest’s Pratiba Patel and John Curtis hung in to take the second 23-21.

Karen Holden and Phil Barlow, playing first for Forrest, then won two comfortable games 21-11, 21-11, against Bharthi Bhudia and Ajith Madathil.

Maggie Wong and Bharat Bhudia then claimed both games for Deane when the third couples met, the first a hard fought 23-21, and the second 21-10, against Lindsey Tait and Mark Allen.

In the clash of the first couples their games were shared, Deane’s Ryding and Cole taking the first 22-20 against Holden and Barlow who claimed the second, by a very comfortable 21-6.

When the second couples met, their games were also shared.

Patel and Curtis, for Forrest, won the first 21-17, and Deane’s Bhudia and Madathil took the second 21-16.

Going into the level doubles the score was 5-5 with all to play for.

The first pair of ladies’ games was shared – Tait and Holden claiming the first for Forrest 21-18, and Wong and Bhudia taking the second 21-16.

The first pair of men’s games was also shared, Bhudia and Cole winning the first 21-7, and Allen and Barlow taking the second 21-15.

However, the determined pair of Wong and Bhudia claimed the second pair of ladies games 21-13, 21-5, against Tait and Patel, edging Deane in front.

In the final pair of men’s games Forrest’s Allen and Curtis took the first 21-16, which meant the match hinged on the final game.

Deane’s Bhudia and Madathil held their nerve, however, winning the second 21-16, and clinching the overall victory for their team.